Eyelash Curlers

The secret to a wide-eyed look? An eyelash curler from our selection of options from both cult brands and cosmetics experts, helping you give even those hard-to-reach lashes extra bounce. Just add plenty of mascara to keep the curl all day.

This innovative eyelash tool was first patented nearly a century ago when Charles Stickel and William Joseph Beldue filed for the copyright of their metal designs. Largely unchanged in the intervening years, today's iterations enjoy a sleeker profile and lighter weight. Yellow- and rose-gold finishes bring dazzle to your routine, while embossed monikers deliver glamour to the collection. Our contemporary designers have engineered their inventions to capture every lash in one easy movement, saving you time and streamlining your make-up regime. Plus, silicone pads on many of our favourites are gentle to lashes so they stay healthy and strong. When your eyelash curler wears down, just pick up a set of refills – an idea that earns our Project Earth stamp for reducing unnecessary waste. 

After preparing your complexion, squeeze your top lashes with your curler to lift them skywards. Next, apply a deep black mascara packed with nourishing ingredients to keep them looking luscious. To finish, paint liquid eyeliner in an upwards curve from the corners of your eyes to intensify the voluminous effect.

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