men's deodorant

Stay feeling fresh and confident from sunrise until sunset (and beyond) with our men's deodorant. Discover formulas from some of the cosmetics industry's most celebrated brands that combine day-long efficacy with luxury scents to add a little decadence to your everyday routine.

For quick and easy protection against sweat, go for a men's deodorant spray. We've got lightweight, travel-friendly sizes that are ideal for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day. Aromas vary from zesty and fruity with hints of zingy lime and basil to heady and intense – ideal for after-dark occasions. You may even discover a version of your favourite eau de cologne here – perfectly partnering with your chosen fragrance.

Alternatively, you might choose a men's roll-on deodorant. Compact and simple to use, these antiperspirants won't leave any white marks on your clothing after use, and can easily be packed into gym bags. They're also an eco-friendly choice – just look out for our Project Earth banner to find selections made with vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging. Cream formulations have a thick yet light texture to help absorb moisture while remaining sheer and invisible. In addition, they have moisturising properties so that underarms feel extra soft and smooth after each use.

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