Night Cream

Bring wellness to your skin while you sleep with these rich and nourishing night creams. Our collection includes skin care products from some of the most prestigious beauty brands, designed to refresh your complexion so you'll wake up to a healthier, younger-looking visage.

These nighttime moisturisers, serums and masks comprise fine natural or organic essences and extracts. Rosehip and other botanical oils prevent environmental damage to the skin by restoring its lipid barrier, while vitamins C and E help to promote a radiant glow. If you need a moisturising night cream for dry skin, try picking out a formulation with hyaluronic acid. Found in many of these luxury products, this ingredient provides a deep layer of grease-free hydration. It's also clinically proven to nurture the regrowth of skin cells.

The weightless textures of these creams will glide on your face smoothly, introducing a soothing calmness into your bedtime routine. And if you're looking to do your bit for the planet while you protect your complexion, keep an eye out for our Project Earth for Animals label. It indicates skin care items with cruelty-free formulas, as well as materials from certified sources. There's also the Project Earth Refillables badge – this highlights products with packaging that can be refilled, helping to reduce consumption and waste.

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60/89 results
60/89 results