Booja Booja isn't just for vegans, but for those who do eschew animal products, it's pretty much a national treasure. For more than 20 years, the Norfolk brand has dreamed up the creamiest, most moreish sweets using natural and plant-based ingredients. And, somehow, they're just as lush and chocolatey as the (so-called) 'real thing'. 

The pioneer vegan chocolatier now crafts a range of delectables, but it's those Booja Booja truffles that started it all, launching way back in 1999. Fast-forward to today and the recipe has been developed and expanded upon to delicious effect. You can choose from several flavours, ranging from rich hazelnut to decadent salted caramel. Go all-in with a giftable truffle box, decorated with pretty Japanese-inspired patterns, or pick up a snack pack to sample the varieties one by one. Our pick: Booja Booja champagne truffles (they're all heavenly, though).

All Booja Booja chocolates carry the official stamp of The Vegan Society. This certifies that a product is 100% free from animal or animal-derived ingredients. For this reason, Booja Booja products fall under our Project Earth for Animals banner, too, which highlights lines that help to improve welfare for our furry friends. That calls for another truffle, we reckon.

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