Much like a richly layered novel or film, a Breguet watch is designed to divulge more of its secrets the longer you spend with it. The first glance is powerful enough – these are carefully crafted objets d'art, after all. But as you look deeper, the intricacies begin to reveal themselves. For instance, every timepiece is etched with the signature of founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, only visible when it catches the light. Next, you might notice the fluted caseband, which has been a mark of Breguet's style for centuries. Browse our selection to find fine watches for men and women and start discovering more of their mysteries for yourself.

The maker's modern-day aesthetic is encapsulated by the Breguet Marine collection. These timepieces marry traditional opulence with sporty, contemporary touches. Expect to see precious metal casings and mesmeric sub-dials, alongside long-standing brand hallmarks such as hollow 'moon'-tipped hands. Or, for a taste of heritage, try pieces with distinctive oval shapes and glimmering mother of pearl faces.

Quality is, of course, a given. The marque was founded in 1775, and within seven years was creating watches for Queen Marie-Antoinette herself. More than 200 years later, Breguet has lost none of its eye for luxury or its commitment to outstanding craftsmanship.

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