Chivas Regal

Mention the name Chivas Regal in the company of whisky lovers and expect unanimous praise – followed, soon after, by a history lesson. They'll tell you, with zeal, that this was the first luxury whisky ever launched, way back in 1909. And that its originator, Chivas Brothers, owns and operates the oldest distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Such is the passion that this storied Scotch inspires. One sip will show you why.

Browse our wide selection of Chivas Regal whisky to start your journey of discovery. You'll spot several variations on the recipe here, ranging from the traditional blend – aged for twelve to fifteen years in oak casks – to special editions, stowed in opulent presentation boxes. Any bottle would make a fine gift for a whisky connoisseur. If that connoisseur happens to be you, even better.

As for flavour, complexity is key. First, expect to be treated to waves of indulgent aromas. Then, as you let the fluid mellow on your tongue, experience a medley of butterscotch and pear, buoyed by an indulgently creamy base note. Enjoy yours as part of a classic whisky highball, where subtle sweetness will be enhanced by the refreshing fizz of the soda. Or keep things simple and have your Chivas Regal drink neat – just you, the glass and the world of flavour within.

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