CÎROC alcohol is the product of innovation, constant evolution and a commitment to superior taste. You might say that founder Jean-Sébastien Robicquet had distilling in his veins, coming from a family of winemakers and distillers dating back to the sixteenth century. This mastery of alcohol production is evident in his brand's luscious line of flavoured vodka, expertly tailored to suit the season you're drinking it in.

Unlike most vodkas, CÎROC's are made purely from grapes that are hand-picked in France, where the company has its roots. The five-time distillation process results in a premium-tasting tipple that's lifted with bright fruity ingredients. In the warmer months, opt for citrus-infused vodka or a dash of pomegranate; come winter, CÎROC's red berry blends will enhance your festivities. 

While fiercely modern, the CÎROC label is also committed to certain traditions. That's why its vodkas continue to be created in custom-made copper pots, located at Maison Villevert Salles d'Angles in the south of France. The considered nature of the distillation produces a distinctive beverage that you'll savour. Pair it with a compatible mixer and enjoy the true flavour of luxury in each mouthful. Browse our full selection of CÎROC alcohol and get ready to make some memories around this premium vodka.

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