Infused with rich history, Floris offers an olfactory experience like no other. The London fragrance company is famed for its heady scents, from sparkling floral aromas to woody and mossy notes. Our collection brims with perfumes, room sprays and candles underpinned by heritage artistry.

Floris's story began in 1730, when Juan and Elizabeth Famenias Floris sold perfumes and grooming products in St James’s, an upmarket neighbourhood located near London's Buckingham Palace. Nine generations later, that same Jermyn Street store remains at the heart of the brand. Family and craftsmanship are still important aspects, too. A team of British perfumers selects sustainably sourced natural materials, absolutes and essential oils to make each Floris scent, all using the same antique measuring tools that their ancestors did 300 years ago.

As well as distinctive fragrances, Selfridges's Floris collection includes dental and body care. Discover mouthwashes concocted with delicate florals. Hydrating ingredients, such as vitamins and natural oils, enrich soaps, hand washes and creams to smooth and nourish your skin. If you're looking for a gift – for a loved one or yourself – opt for a boxed set that spotlights the house's most iconic blends. Look out, too, for our Project Earth banner, which marks products that include earth-friendly ingredients or come in recyclable packaging.

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