For an irresistible blend of sweet and smoky, reach for a bourbon whiskey. The American-born beverage has been distilled since the 18th century, when a hiccup in the sugar trade led to a shortage of rum and prompted the US mavericks to experiment with native grains. Our luxury bourbons may have come a long way since those early barrels, but to be classed as such they must still be made with at least 51 per cent corn to give the alcohol its distinctively honeyed flavour. 

Step into our Selfridges virtual cellar to discover a treasure trove of distinctive flavours. Sample notes of toffee and butterscotch mingling with bitter orange and fresh herbs. Or try a sip of straight bourbon whiskey boasting a complex blend of deep leather and light honeysuckle. We've even got pre-mixed cocktails so you can simply shake and serve over ice for easy hosting. Why not choose a single malt whisky to start the party, or a small batch sour mash tipple for your nightcap?

While we love bourbon whiskey for its sublime taste, a striking bottle is also part of the attraction. From slender bottles for the contemporary collection to vintage-inspired glassware with labels that wouldn't look out of place in the old wild west, we've got plenty of options to enhance your drinks cabinet.

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52/52 results