Goldfield & Banks's unisex scents pay an olfactory tribute to the enchanting landscapes of Australia. The brand is the brainchild of Belgian Dimitri Weber. After falling in love with the continent's coastline and botanical life, he decided to encapsulate the stimulating aromas of the outdoors into fragrance form. Little wonder then that oils from native flowers and seeds are used in his delectable colognes – a single spritz conjures up images of blazing sunsets and sparkling waters. 

In our curated selection, you'll find women's woody perfumes that will take you on a dream-like journey through unexplored terrains. Expect mesmerising infusions of agarwood intertwined with orange, lavender and patchouli. For those who are partial to spicy scents, there are heady concoctions inspired by sultry dry heat – think warming sandalwood laced with saffron, pepper and thyme. Herbaceous blends of eucalyptus, clove and star anise replicate the smells of dewy leaves nestled in tropical forests. 

Luxury perfume has the potential to bring a spark of joy to your day. Discover the mood-lifting qualities of floral and fruity offerings made with ripe mandarins, peaches and raspberries, enhanced by ginger, cashmere and Jasmin. Or why not opt for an aquatic creation that will have you feeling like you're breathing in the salty ocean air with its fresh notes of lemon, moss and sage?

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