Hevea produces natural rubber baby products, making them the perfect choice for parents who want the best and safest solutions for their kids. You’ll discover a range of baby accessories crafted from natural rubber in our collection, from pacifiers to bottles to soothing toys.

Whether you’re looking for rubber holders to entertain your little one while you’re on the go, or you’re looking for a pacifier to soothe your baby at bedtime, Hevea is a great option. The label’s baby products are completely free of substances like plastic, PVC, BPA, petroleum and phthalates, while the natural rubber material is soft and malleable – sturdy enough to withstand curious mouths and hands and soft enough for safe play.

Hevea's pacifiers are designed to provide major health benefits – they’re not only comfortable and durable with their butterfly-shaped orthodontic teat, but they also help to promote healthy teeth and jaw development while supporting sensory stimulation in babies. The label produces its pacifiers using natural rubber which is softer, more flexible and resilient than plastic or silicone. Additionally, pacifiers come with a unique single piece design with no crevices or hidden bits – making them much easier to clean.

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18/18 results