Bathroom Mirrors

Whether your make-up is in need of a touch-up or you're looking to sharpen up your beard, a quality mirror is a must. We've gathered the very best selection of bathroom mirrors, from large illuminated frames to vibrantly painted glass designs. 

Our range of designer bathroom mirrors includes gallery-worthy creations. Unleash your bathroom's character with an eccentric screen-printed mirror. You can explore designs decorated with lighthearted illustrations, from bunches of neon blooms to dreamy ocean scenes. These brass-framed beauties come in a variety of shapes and sizes – hang one above your sink or on a long wall for full-length styling. If you're searching for that eye-catching mirror to complete your vanity table, opt for a designer standing model. Expect gorgeous marble bases and powder-coated frames.

A collection of luxury bathroom mirrors is complete only with a range of beauty mirrors. For close-up precision when applying make-up, choose from an array of magnification mirrors. Discover sensor designs embedded with movement-sensitive light technology. Natural light simulators give you the ideal illumination to apply products evenly, while brightness controls allow you to get ready whatever the time of day. If you're often on the go, select a travel-friendly beauty mirror that you can pack easily in your suitcase.

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21/21 results