Lamp Shades

Originating atop the streetlamps that lined the cobbled streets of 18th-century Paris, lampshades have been creating pools of illumination for decades. Today, the designs diffuse the harsh brightness of a bulb and add warmth to your abode. And, when you’ve gone through all the effort of searching for a lamp stand that perfectly suits your décor, you’ll want to top it with an equally enchanting shade. That’s why we’ve gathered our selection of luxury lampshades to help you find something that suits your style.

If your stand is loud enough to do all the talking, opt for a more subdued aesthetic like a cylindrical fabric lampshade free of details. But if your cover is to be the star of the show, then peruse our collection of bold patterned and intricately embroidered iterations instead.

In the bedroom, a bedside lampshade that casts a soothing glow across your sheets will help you relax before you hit the hay. But when the lightbulb in question is fixed to the roof, a ceiling light shade casting entangled and twisted shadows onto your walls is not to be overlooked; discover maze-like designs imagined from pure cotton and pleated creations folded from linen.

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