Luxury Dining Bowls

Kitchen requiring a seasonal refresh? Don’t hold back on your next crockery update. From something for your breakfast cereal to glossy porcelain receptacles primed for filling with pasta and soup, our selection of dining-table bowls is chock-full of tasteful treats.

The right ceramic bowl can be one of the most versatile items in your arsenal. A vessel for everything from salad and snacks to freshly chopped cooking ingredients, it's worth finding one you like. Choose from delicate china sets and modern forms stamped with artistic linework. Look out for our Project Earth certification – products with this label have been responsibly made with people and the planet in mind.

It's important to remember you'll need serving bowls when building your crockery collection. Present your nibbles in a way to impress your guests; hand-painted creations for olives, chips and dips will no doubt steal the scene. When you serve dinner, opt for a classy dining-table bowl to compliment the meal you've slaved over. Your efforts should taste as good as they look so why not give them a helping hand?

Get set for hosting or step up your solo sustenance game with our varied range of stoneware and glass bowls. They're from some of the best-loved kitchen brands and most talented craftspeople around.

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60/381 results
60/381 results