Your finest wine deserves the finest container. Enter: our extensive selection of glass decanters. Look to brands such as Soho Home for traditional designs, or for quirkier styles, try Pols Potten, known for its use of coloured glass (think ruby reds and dreamy turquoises). Not only do decanters enhance your wine's flavour through the oxygenation process, but they also add a dash of refinement to the table, whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a romantic night in.

Mouth-blown or handmade, retro or polished, our series comprises cut-crystal decanters in varying shapes and sizes from some of the tableware industry's most sought-after names. They're composed of sparkling glass with flat and round bases, defined with tapered sides, curved necks and textured bands. Topped off with stoppers, our iterations are designed to hold a host of beverages including rosé, cordial and brandy. 

Shopping for a gift or for matching pieces for your home? Discover our sets, which include classic whisky drinkware, diamond-cut whisky tumblers and stacking pieces for an avant-garde spin on your barware collection. From show-stopping lunchtime centrepieces to decadent fridge storage, our carafes serve multiple purposes and span ceramic and glass models with tall and fluted silhouettes.

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36/36 results