65" & Over Televisions

The larger the screen, the higher the pixel count – so a TV over 65 inches is the key to high-definition precision and a crystal-clear display. The screens in our selection are big enough to utterly immerse you in feel-good comedies or epic movies, a cinematic experience for everyone to enjoy.

For unbeatably distinct visuals, discover our 4K and 8K TVs for jaw-dropping detail. Neo Quantum processors automatically optimise the picture and sound for you, so you can appreciate every benefit without hours of organising. OLED panels give incredible clarity, to turn your favourite programme into a thoroughly captivating event. A large television is the ultimate way to watch award-winning films and unmissable documentaries, providing you with the best picture quality and clear-cut sound. Opt for anti-reflection technology for unimpaired viewing, even if you're side-on rather than front and centre.

Whether you're searching for a stand-alone piece or one to mount on the wall, you can explore slim profiles and artfully framed designs to find a television that suits your decor. A built-in soundbar connection provides you with optimised music and words. And with a Smart 65-inch TV, all your apps and online entertainment are included, giving you access to a wide variety of streaming right at your fingertips.

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60/69 results
60/69 results