Explore the luxurious world of Hourglass cosmetics at Selfridges. Renowned for its innovative formulas and commitment to cruelty-free beauty, Hourglass offers a stunning range of makeup products designed to enhance natural beauty with a flawless finish. From their iconic Veil Mineral Primer to their Ambient Lighting Powders, each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, delivering exceptional performance and lasting results. Discover the perfect blend of science and luxury with Hourglass at Selfridges, where beauty meets innovation. Shop now to experience the transformative power of Hourglass cosmetics.

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Veil Skin Tint

Discover the light feel and hydrating formula of the Hourglass’ new, glowy skin tint.

60/85 results
60/85 results
HOURGLASS: Lash Curler