Baby Rattles and Soothers

If you’re searching for a gift for a loved one’s bundle of joy or even a welcome-home present for your own, a baby rattle is ideal. No, they’re not just noisy playthings designed to keep newborns entertained during tummy time – they help to encourage cognitive growth. How do they work? Let us explain.

With beads that jingle as they move, our battle rattles feature easy-to-grip handles allowing little fingers to grab and shake at every stage of their development. When tots give their new toy a wobble, they’ll learn that movement creates sound and, in turn, begin to understand cause and effect. What’s more, by grasping the rhythmic movements of a back-and-forth shake, your little one exercises their fine motor skills. So, what may appear to be a bunny-shaped baby soother is actually an educational tool. Impressive, right?

Choose from animal-shaped designs wrapped in cosy fur or easy-to-clean wooden iterations for those prone to sticky fingers. Whatever the thinking, our collection of baby rattles has something to offer for growing minds. There are even creations that clip onto push-chairs and car seats to keep them distracted while they adventure out of the house.

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