Set eyes on the crocodile and instantly you know it's Lacoste. The logo has stood for quality and comfort since tennis prodigy René Lacoste had it embroidered onto his blazers in the 1920s. In fact, it was the first brand logo ever to be visibly displayed on a piece of clothing.

Fast-forward to today and the label remains known for its finessed, sporty style. Explore our Lacoste clothing selection and you'll find it across the range. Men's polo shirts are made of pure cotton for extra breathability, on-court or off. Women's knits fall to a relaxed silhouette, in a hat-tip to classic 90s sportswear. Bathrobes are woven from terry for a sublimely soft feel – constructed as much for home leisure as for stress-free post-match cool-downs.

Whether you select a T-shirt or a more formal top, it'll be a solid investment, of course – Lacoste fashion is renowned for its durability. Case in point: even the crocodile logo takes 1,200 stitches to fix to a shirt. Wear your Lacoste sweatshirt with some comfy chinos and you'll be set for many weekends to come. Choose an embroidered cotton cap for your tennis wardrobe and it's with you match season after match season.

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60/123 results
60/123 results