Maison Crivelli

Our collection of Maison Crivelli perfumes is presented in simple bottles in order to emphasise the full olfactory experience that lies within. Explore fruity, woody and floral notes as you're whisked away to relive poignant memories at the first spritz. 

Maison Crivelli was founded by Thibaud Crivelli in 2018, with a mission to invite you to slow down and take a moment for yourself, so you can reconnect with your sense of smell and your emotional responses. His fragrances are inspired by travel and his botanical training, and should be thought of as snapshots captured and interpreted as scents. Each perfume is inspired by a variety of images, colours and even music, to broadly express the founder's vision. The aim is to evoke sensory worlds, contrasting the juicy tang of white peach with the freshness of coriander leaf, for example. 

Experience nature's heat with Maison Crivelli perfumes featuring a whoosh of ginger, crackling coffee and scorched wood with a bouquet of sweet ylang ylang. Cooler scents are crafted with iced herbs and frosty ferns, conjuring the image of crunching through freshly fallen snow. If you're not sure where to start when choosing your new Maison Crivelli parfum, check the heart notes for each product. These are the more dominant aspects that make up the body of the scent.

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16/16 results