Orto Parisi

Founded in 2014, under the guiding nose of Alessandro Gualtieri, Orto Parisi treats unisex perfume as an avant-garde art form. The Italian brand draws from a curious olfactory palette, inspired by the likes of primordial volcanoes, boundless oceans and the very essence of nature. Big ideas, for sure, but these are big fragrances – Gualtieri's concoctions are powerful, sensual and decadent without exception.

Browse our selection of Orto Parisi parfums to find your match. If you're not sure where to start, just look at the colours – each scent has a rich hue that hints at its accords. Reds, for instance, might be sweet and spicy, with a dash of smokiness. Earthy tones are likely to be just that – earthy, with developing aromas of dark chocolate or wood. Greens suggest herbaceous notes, conjuring up images of vast, pine-filled forests sprouting from fertile ground. A golden colour, meanwhile, may be buoyed by a surprisingly strident citrus aura, matched by an undercurrent of virile musk.

The bottles are lessons in simple luxury. The chunky glass vials sport minimal embellishments, save for a small label and a tall metallic cap. This is deliberate, of course. Orto Parisi wants you to focus on the sensory world within.

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