Pierre Marcolini

Hailing from Brussels, Pierre Marcolini's delectable truffles are a treat for any chocolate lover. From soft ganache to nutty pralines, each Pierre Marcolini chocolate box is filled with artisanal confections that will leave you wanting more.

With characteristic attention to detail, Pierre Marcolini is one of the few chocolatiers to oversee every stage of the chocolate production process. He scours the world to source the finest beans, be they Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional or Forastero, securing harvests directly from the growers. Marcolini champions cocoa farmers and the regions in which they work, paying a fair price for this superior product and insisting on environmentally and ethically responsible practices. By roasting his own beans and creating bespoke couverture chocolate at the Pierre Marcolini Maison, he can create unique flavour profiles that are impossible to copy.

Pierre Marcolini truffles are handmade and based on traditional recipes, reworked to highlight the best contemporary ingredients and techniques. The chocolate cognoscente will savour Marcolini assortments of pure ganache drops coated in dark chocolate, each from a particular cocoa-growing region. Pralines feature pistachio, almond, cashew and hazelnuts, while fruits such as mango, raspberry and orange are skillfully worked into colourful jewels of chocolate heaven.

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