Ruinart is the world's oldest champagne house, so it's fair to say it knows a thing or two about sparkling wine. Established in 1729, the Maison still operates from Reims – its founding city, in the heart of the Champagne region. This is winemaking tradition in action, with every vintage drawing on the centuries-old techniques that Ruinart itself helped to pioneer.

Want to taste the heritage yourself? Our sommeliers have picked out several of their favourite cuvées from this world-renowned winery. You'll spot pleasantly pink rosés, for instance, full of tropical flavours that pop gently on the palate. There are bruts too – based on the maker's first-ever blend – which combine long-lasting fruity notes with a robust, persistent foam. Either will pair beautifully with seafood or can be enjoyed alone as part of a special celebration.

Then there are the classic champagne options from Ruinart, such as one that's brewed from 100% Chardonnay, allowing the grape's distinct qualities to reach full expression. Among the seven grape varieties authorised for champagne, Chardonnay has an aromatic freshness that makes it the emblematic grape variety of the Maison. Serve it as an aperitif at a dinner party, or enjoy it with no more accompaniment than some fine weather and a good book.

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