If you're anything like us, the mere mention of artisanal Italian food is enough to set your tastebuds tingling. Allow us, then, to introduce you to your new favourite brand: Seggiano. Founded in 1995, this Anglo-Italian producer crafts some of the most delectable morsels on the market. So whether you're throwing a Mediterranean dinner party or you're looking for premium everyday ingredients, you're bound to find something worth celebrating here.

The maker is perhaps best known for its olive oils, so let's start here. All are made locally in Italy using the traditional cold-extraction method. This helps to preserve flavour and nutrients as well as those all-important antioxidants. You'll spot several choices here, ranging from simple extra-virgin varieties, to flavoured oils, to gift packs. 

You'll see the focus on quality wherever you look. Seggiano pesto, for instance, uses the brand's own basil, grown on its farm in Liguria. Some versions forego cheese, so vegans can enjoy the rich, herbaceous flavours on offer. Seggiano flatbreads, meanwhile, are made with natural ingredients and rolled by hand, ensuring a light and crispy texture. Enjoy them the Italian way, we say, with hand-picked antipasto – including, of course, some of the maker's juicy Cerignola olives.

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26/26 results