The makers of Sipsmith gin are so passionate about their tipple, they brought about a change in the law so they could create it. When co-founders Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall and Jared Brown began their distillation journey in 2008, it was only possible to get a licence to produce the spirit in large quantities. So, they petitioned the government to permit artisans to brew in smaller, more characterful batches. And so the gin-aissance began.

Sipsmith's beverages are instantly recognisable thanks to their quirky labels and sturdy bottles. The brand’s mascot – a swan's head – presides over each, illustrated on the sticker and stamped onto the glass just beneath the neck. And the contents, you ask? Complex, floral flavours await within. From tart kaffir lime leaf to sweet jasmine flower, each has a delicately balanced blend of botanicals to create a seriously sippable spirit.

Select a bottle of Sipsmith vodka crafted from UK-grown barley and the party is sure to follow. It's made in a copper still for purity – a tradition that the brand brought back to London after nearly 200 years of dormancy. Or to satisfy a sweet tooth, pour a sloe-infused gin into your glass for an extra fruity flavour.

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