Get your beauty sleep right with Slip. Super smooth silk is the starting point for each of the brand's kind-to-skin creations – the very first of which was a simple pillowcase. Like all the best ideas, this one came from founder Fiona Stewart's need to solve a big problem. Regular fabrics irritated her sensitive face whilst she slept, so she took the advice of doctors and dermatologists and wrapped her headrest in this gentle material. The incredible results over time were all the encouragement she needed to start sharing her secret with the world.

Today, you'll find a range of Slip hair accessories and other snooze-friendly products to make your night comfortable. From face masks to hair turbans, each is crafted from this super-fabric that boasts anti-ageing effects thanks to its soothing and protecting qualities. Gleaming diamanté embellishments and intricate embroidery are peppered across the collection, too, for a dash of detail.

Tie your locks back with a scrunchie to reduce ridges and breakages whilst you doze. If you're squeezing in a quick nap, wear a Slip silk eye mask to block out the light. The pure mulberry fibres across our selection reduce friction and absorb less face cream than other options, so you'll feel nourished when you wake. 

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60/63 results
60/63 results