Looking to add some high-fidelity audio to your next movie night, gaming session or playlist a next-level experience? Explore our range of Sony audio products and games. 

Sony's story began in a small electronics store opened by Masaru Ibuka in 1946. Then named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, the wider business was renamed Sony, which drew from "sonus," the Latin word for sound. Decades later, Sony continues to bring state-of-the-art electronics to people across the globe. Trust the company that released the world's first portable music player, the Walkman, to design quality audio gear such as small but powerful portable speakers and sleek turntables boasting high-resolution quality. 

Explore Sony in-ear headphones for exceptional sound, up to 24 hours of listening and comfortable ergonomic designs – well-suited for daily video calls and workouts. If you're looking to block out the commotion during your morning commute, Sony noise-cancelling headphones, which feature the company's industry-leading technology, will keep out a wider range of high and mid-frequency sounds. For those who enjoy sharing the experience, our selection of portable speakers and at-home audio systems create a room-filling acoustic experience – whether you're listening to a certified classic album or hours deep into the latest console hit.

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60/100 results