Say "Bonjour!" to Sophie the Giraffe, a bona fide French celebrity. The original Sophie the Giraffe teether might be famous in France, yet for years it was unavailable on our shores. Now newborns up and down the UK are discovering the joys of Sophie for themselves and we couldn't be happier. Pick from our selection of toys and accessories and you can let your wee one in on the secret, too.

Let's start with that legendary teether. Born on May 25th, 1961 (the feast day of Saint Sophie, hence the name), this squidgy little soother has been a favourite of French infants ever since. It's still made using 100% natural rubber, in a traditional process that involves many manual operations. From its texture to its scent, it's designed to provide multi-sensory stimulation while helping baby through those difficult (and often grumpy) teething months.

Nowadays, you can pick up a plethora of variations on the original design. There are soothingly textured teething rings with baby-friendly handles and chewing dummies that give much-needed relief when those front teeth begin to sprout. For a little distraction, you can't go wrong with a Sophie the Giraffe rattle. They come loaded with colourful balls to keep babies smiling, sore gums or not.

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23/23 results