Our collection of SUQQU skin care and beauty products provides irresistible nourishment and hydration, with a vibrant colour palette that won’t go unnoticed. Choose from silky smooth powders, creamy make-up and lightweight lotions that stay put all day long.

The Japanese beauty brand was established in 2003 and takes its name from the native phrase, sukku-to, an expression that describes a woman rising to her full height. SUQQO aims to help you experience that sense of radiance with a methodology focused on enhancing your natural essence and bone structure. The result? Simple, streamlined and minimalist products with a hint of colour that are easily incorporated into your morning routine. Feather-light formulations keep moisture locked in while bright SUQQU blush puts the blossom into cheekbones. To bring home that glow, add a subtly sparkling eyeshadow.

Start your regime with a plant-based primer that's packed with nourishing oils to keep skin quenched beneath your foundation. Look out for options with added SPF for protection against the sun's rays too. Say goodbye to blemishes with a liquid foundation or loose powder. There's a wide range of skin tones on offer that makes it easy to find a match. We're finishing up with a bold slick of SUQQU lipstick to make sure that when we're talking, we've got everyone's attention.

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60/136 results
60/136 results
SUQQU: Eyelash Curler Refills