We like it when a brand tells you everything you need to know at a glance. Tan-Luxe, whose sublime self-tanning solutions do exactly what it says on the bottle, is one of those labels. Explore our selection if you're looking for a glowing tan that suits your skin and needs no UV.

First stop, the famed Tan-Luxe self-tanner, raved about by beauty experts and influencers. Just slosh a few specks into your usual moisturiser or body oil, then apply from head to toe. In no time at all, you'll sport a sun-kissed look that you'd be hard-pressed to achieve with a fortnight in the Algarve. Another option: the equally renowned Tan-Luxe self-tan serum. This ingenious formula leaves the dermis looking beautifully bronzed while delivering powerful hydration that helps zap wrinkles. Time to reintroduce your winter skin? Go for the brand's vitamin-infused tan restorer, which removes streaks and remnants with gentle efficiency.

'Gentle' is the operative word here. Founded by a trio of Brits in 2015, Tan-Luxe has set out to reinvent the world of self-tanning by incorporating skin care ingredients into its products. This means you're not only getting a wonderful glow, but you're caring for your epidermis in the process. The best of both worlds? It might just be.

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16/16 results