The Organic Pharmacy

Treat yourself to the natural beauty breakthroughs of The Organic Pharmacy. Launched by expert pharmacist and homoeopath Margo Marrone, this London-based brand has been pioneering organic skin care for over two decades. It combines the findings of modern science with the power of organic, plant-derived extracts. Its luxury face washes, eye creams, serums and masks will help nurture and nourish your skin with safe, clinically proven formulas.

The brand crafts beauty products from a variety of ingredients sourced from the natural environment. It draws on the purifying and fortifying properties of everything from rose water and seaweed to diamond powder, for improved wellness and anti-ageing effects. The Organic Pharmacy moisturisers include products that help restore elasticity to your skin while providing deep, long lasting hydration. You'll also find scrubs and cleansing masks loaded with essential minerals as well as gentle muslin cloths to enhance your daily skin care routine. The packaging of The Organic Pharmacy products is every bit as innovative and planet-friendly as their contents. Bottles are designed to be fully recyclable and key information is printed with vegetable inks on seed-based paper labels.

In keeping with its conscious attitude, The Organic Pharmacy is a brand that chooses its supply chains carefully. You're likely to spot our Project Earth for Communities label on many of its products, indicating a commitment to fair trade and worker wellbeing.

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