Venchi is a name that's spoken lovingly by cocoa connoisseurs the world over. This Italian brand has elevated chocolate making to an art form. You'll discover a rich lineup of its delicacies here, from creamy, nut-filled bars to indulgent gift boxes, packed with silky cocoa fondants.

Then there's the Cremino. This lush, layered bar is perhaps Venchi's most famous invention. Available with a selection of fillings, the Cremino is prepared to the same recipe that helped kickstart Venchi's popularity more than 150 years ago. Back then, Venchi was a small artisan chocolatier operating from a single location in central Turin. Nowadays, its goodies are available the world over, and it continues to charm gourmands with treats including extra dark chocolate. 

Venchi milk chocolate is an Italian institution – but it's the brand's willingness to innovate that has kept it on chocolate-loving lips for so many years. That's why every Venchi chocolate box is packaged like a work of art, designed to delight the eyes as much as the taste buds. Gift one to a sweet-toothed friend, and they might just manage a heartfelt "thank you" in-between bites of those velvety morsels. Feel like rewarding yourself? Go for a pocket-sized bar packed with specially selected hazelnuts to tick that 'daily treat' box.

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