The clue's in the name – for lovers of rosé wine, Whispering Angel is a divine option. Launched by luxury winemaker Château d'Esclans in 2006, this pastel-pink concoction has since become one of the brand's flagship products, and for good reason. From its delicate hue to its understated label, Whispering Angel rosé encapsulates pure opulence.

Its flavour, too, is smooth, decadent and deliciously drinkable. Brewed from a blend of five grape varieties, it tastes as full and rewarding as you might expect, opening with a refreshing dryness that fades into a lingering finish. Expect notes of tropical fruits and strawberries, accentuated by a tantalising citrus bouquet. The wine is best enjoyed outdoors under the warm sunshine, complete with your favourite picnic. You'll find it delightfully versatile, though, so you'll have just as much fun cosied up indoors with a few friends, sipping it from your choice of crystal glassware.

In our collection, you'll find the classic Whispering Angel wine in its distinctive branded bottle. On occasion, you might also spot special editions, which put their own flavourful spin on the same time-tested recipe. We often have gift packs, too, which pair the bottle with carefully chosen accessories that are tailor-made to delight wine lovers.

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