Under Eye Concealer

You might have had a late night or an early morning, but everyone around you is none the wiser. Why? Because you kitted yourself out with make-up from our selection of under-eye concealers. You can thank us later.

Discover full-coverage concealers infused with nourishing ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to smooth and moisturise for a flawless complexion. Illuminating iterations are blended with light reflectors for a dewy effect, and emollient-based options offer a discreetly opaque texture. Blendable long-wearing pencils incorporate skin-loving vitamin E and shea butter for a natural matte finish. Brighten and refresh your under-eye area with lightweight tints including energising caffeine and squalene. For extra protection, prioritise that all-important SPF rating.

Much of the effectiveness of these concealers is down to intelligent packaging. Antimicrobial glass roller balls allow for a fuss-free application while cooling metal tips can help to gently massage and rejuvenate the skin. Meanwhile, small rounded brushes mean you can precisely target specific areas.

Want to feel as good as you look? Keep an eye out for luxury concealers that bear our Project Earth banner, which highlights consciously-created products, such as cruelty-free formulas and items made from materials sourced from certifiably responsible sources.

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34/34 results
34/34 results