Eye Make Up Brushes

Whether you're a beauty beginner or a seasoned make-up pro, eye brushes are an essential tool for creating a flawless make-up look. From applying shimmering shades to blending bold neons,, eye brushes allow you to achieve a wide range of beauty looks with ease.

Our collection of eye brushes from premium beauty labels is home to an array of different shapes and sizes.. You’ll discover a range of brushes crafted with high-quality materials and shaped to fit the contours of the eye. Whether you’re looking for a brush to apply glitter eyeshadow or smoky shades of grey, you’ll find sets to take your eye make-up look to the next level.

From a smoky eye to winged eyeliner, the eye sweep brush is a make-up kit essential to apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Angled brushes are great for creating more defined looks, while flat brushes can be used to apply concealer under the eyes. There are also smaller brushes for more detailed work, such as applying glitter or working in the inner corner of the eye. And because of their precision, eye brushes can help you achieve a flawless look with less make-up waste – so your favourite shades last longer.

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60/113 results
60/113 results