CP Company

Dreamt up in 1971 by the “godfather of urban sportswear”, otherwise known as Massimo Osti, CP Company was originally dubbed Chester Perry. After its name change in 1978, the label quickly became known for its burst of creativity in athleisure. Over the past decade, the brand has continued to pioneer a hybrid aesthetic that fuses the functionality of vintage military with fabric innovation. From garment dying to a cross-over of styles, the brand leaves no stone unturned.

But how does it differ from the rest? Renowned across the globe for its utilitarian clothing, the house’s signature technique involves dyeing garments all at once rather than colouring them pre-assembly. This unique method lends itself to the label's distinctive colour-blocked aesthetic. You'll notice uniformed hues across all elements, down to the smallest details like cuffs, collars and drawstrings.

The palette itself is focused around neutrals, with khaki, stone, sand and black shades acting as the mainstays of each collection. The occasional muted mustard or burnt orange makes an appearance, too. Innovative fabrics are also key to the CP Company DNA, as it continues to find new ways to use technical materials. Weatherproof jackets with quilting and zip pockets bring practicality to the label's streetwear-influenced aesthetic.

Goggles feature heavily across the men's collection as a reference to the famed goggle jacket that is now synonymous with the brand. Knitted beanie hats have spectacles sewn into the turned-up brim, and plastic lenses feature on sweatshirts, trousers, accessories, and more. Take your pick from pieces that are emblazoned with the company’s logo, or opt for toned-down styles featuring subtle plastic lenses.

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