Dessert & ice wine

Our selection of dessert wines is bursting with flavour. These aromatic after-dinner tipples can be paired with your pudding of choice, or sipped solo after your meal to leave you with a sense of sweet satisfaction.

Expect fine dessert wines with complex aromas – apricot, caramel and honey add natural sweetness, with flavours of bitter orange peel and fresh herbs for balance. Treat your palate to a nuanced concoction of fruity tangs, created in Italian, French and Hungarian wineries using some of the finest grapes the world's vineyards have to offer.

Ice wine is produced from grapes that have been frozen during the growing process, most often in colder countries such as Canada, Austria and Germany. What impact does this have on the taste? With each sip, you should notice more concentrated grape and fruit flavours, making it sweeter than most other pudding wines.

Each premium wine we carry comes elegantly packaged, and you may even spot flecks of edible gold in one or two of the beverages. Serve your chosen dessert wine lightly chilled to bring out the full range of aromas (ice wine is an exception – serve cool but not cold). You might choose to present your wine in petite, stemmed glasses to give your guests a memorable finish to their meal.

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