Kids' Watches and Walkie Talkies

Let kids’ imaginations run free with our collection of kids’ watches and walkie talkies. Whether they’re learning to tell the time with their favourite characters or communicating with friends outside, our collection is home to an array of fun-packed options for hours of entertainment.

Walkie talkies are a great option for kids who love to play outside. From undercover spy games to hide and seek outdoors, these toys provide plenty of ways for kids to play with friends. And that’s not all: as well as being perfect for make believe games, they’re also a great way to encourage kids to be active as they explore their local neighbourhood. Whether your kids are into playing tag or exploring the great outdoors, having a walkie talkie with them will help keep them occupied for hours on end.

If they’re learning to tell the time, our collection of kids’ watches make great gifts. Take your pick of fun smart watches for children with their favourite cartoon character – and look out for details perfect for playtime, such as realistic sounds and light-up designs. From timekeeping practice to numeracy skills, a smart watch is both fun and educational.

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