DIGI-GAL is a network and platform for 3D animation designers who identify as womxn, trans and non-binary. From university students to industry professionals, DIGI-GAL provides a 24/7 global community for technical and creative support, meet-ups and skill shares.

Stay tuned for The New Order campaign by DIGI-GAL, launching in August. In the meantime, we talk to DIGI-GAL Founder Cat Taylor (@cattytay).

What drove you to work with 3D digital design?     

I’m originally from a physical fashion and textiles background, but I wanted to push the experimental sampling of fabrics into new and unseen territories. I wanted to influence a new phase of sustainable development within the fashion industry, while also creating a new wave of digital fashion content. The most exciting thing about digital fashion is that it allows us to create transcendent garments with properties that can’t physically exist in real life – for example, defying gravity or playing with scale and changing states. 

Why did you want to start DIGI-GAL?

I began DIGI-GAL in order to spotlight the hidden narrative of womxn and non-binary people who work with 3D design. Our digital community enables the sharing of support and resources to fellow designers, while championing and collaborating with one another. Every member of our community holds a different level of specialist skill, and together we work on projects that showcase and make the most out of these.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in your work?

It is not so much a challenge, but a lot of time is spent understanding physical fabric properties in order to produce effective replications of these within 3D software. How the fabric moves and interacts with the human and other forms is paramount to producing a visually effective garment animation. 

What do you think the future holds for 3D design and its role within the fashion industry?

When using 3D design, clothing can be sold without having even been created. This could be a huge contribution to reducing waste, as the majority of customers purchase clothes online rather than from a physical shop. Younger generations are said to be far more environmentally aware and interested in methods to reduce waste than the previous. Brands need to be directing their focus and strategies onto these positive cultural changes. 


The DIGI-GAL members who have contributed to The New Order campaign include Cat Taylor, Şifagül Keser, Alexa Sirbu, Laura Subirats, Carolina Carballo, Stephaine Fung, Rachel Nobee, Christina Worner, Jocelyn Anquetil, Bahar Ergul, Gwen Kim, Seb Bruen and Lea Sorli.