Kids Electronic Toys

Few things match up to the magic of unboxing electronic toys. There’s no sound quite like the rustle of packaging, the whirring of cogs and the stretch of mechanic limbs as a new machine comes to life and clambers across the playroom floor. That’s why we’ve curated this special selection, including barking dogs, roaring dinosaurs and the whizziest of toy cars.

Explore electronic learning toys like phones that allow kids to call up their favourite characters for a chat. These vibrant pieces incorporate games to improve numeracy and get them calculating away in no time. Our smartwatches let kids take selfies and practise their skills with many motion apps. For something decorative and fun for their bedroom, opt for one of our super arcade games. There's a whole range – some you'll recognise as there are nostalgic classics alongside modern iterations that brim with new cartoon favourites.

You’ll get major brownie points for purchasing one of our lifesize drivable cars. These electronic toys are packed with fun details like steering wheels that play music and fully opening doors. Smaller options are available too, designed with kids in mind throughout. They'll get cruising with an easy-to-handle remote control and zoom around to their heart’s content.

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60/148 results
60/148 results