Perfume Gift Sets

Indulge your senses and celebrate the art of fragrance with our exquisite collection of Perfume Gift Sets at Selfridges. Elevate your gifting experience or treat yourself to an olfactory journey through our carefully curated sets featuring the most coveted scents from renowned perfume houses. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, each set is a harmonious ensemble of complementary fragrances, ensuring a sensorial experience that lingers in memory. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and sophistication as you explore our diverse selection, encompassing floral bouquets, oriental mysteries, and refreshing citruses. Each Perfume Gift Set is a perfect expression of elegance and style, making it an ideal present for loved ones or a cherished addition to your fragrance wardrobe. Discover the allure of curated scents and the joy of gifting with our Perfume Gift Sets at Selfridges, where every fragrance tells a unique story.

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60/116 results
60/116 results
PENHALIGONS: Portraits scent library
BY FAR: Daydream mini discovery set