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Since Christian Dior's eponymous label was founded in 1946, it has grown to include an opulent beauty collection. Across our selection of Dior cosmetics, encounter intoxicating fragrances, nourishing skin care products and a radiant make-up range.

Incorporate Dior beauty products into your daily skin care routine to amp up your self-care. Cleansers and serums, enriched with ingredients such as micro-pearls and rose sap, replenish tired skin. Lightweight brightening creams infused with zinc will leave your skin glowy, while natural face oils will restore firmness and youthful complexions.

Then, immerse yourself in the entrancing world of Dior perfumes. For something sultry and intense, opt for the rich notes of bergamot, cedar and hibiscus seed. Prefer the fresh and floral? Choose a blend of iris, peony and jasmine. These natural ingredients can be found across Dior beauty products in the brand's bath range, too. Expect vibrant citrusy shower gels and calming woody shaving foams.

Key make-up products include creamy concealers and silky foundations, designed to provide a flawless finish. Lipsticks come in a variety of rich colourways, from dusty pinks to luscious reds. You'll find eyeshadow palettes containing shimmering shades of strongly pigmented hues, from mineral to rainbow tones. Add your finishing touch with a matte or satin eyeliner, designed to be worn for 24 hours straight.

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60/327 results
DIOR: Rouge limited-edition blush 6g
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