If you want to enjoy prime time in the kitchen then explore the inspiring array of kitchen gadgets and equipment in our home and tech selection. Browse beautifully constructed cookware, high-powered appliances, premium linens and other sought-after accessories. 

Whether you're kitting out your pad, upgrading your basics or seeking gift ideas that they'll actually love, our range of kitchen gadgets is an ideal place to start. With all you need for preparing coffee, tea or toast exactly as you like it, our hi-tech curation is packed with the latest gleaming wizardry. Glass, steel and stoneware are among the minimalist materials that create a sleek and contemporary look for your counters. You'll relish giving your diet a tasty and healthy makeover with our pizza ovens, whisks and juicers. Luxury kitchen appliances offer all the newest scientific innovations, making food and drink preparation slick, easy and effective.

For kitchen eye-candy with longevity, we propose a choice of high-performance baking equipment. Pick your signature colours and build a collection of tough and handsome bakeware that you can keep forever. Casserole dishes, pot sets and pans come in tried-and-tested designs for cooking recipes to die for. Heritage-inspired looks and a comfortingly solid feel make these a satisfying asset in any chef's armoury.

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60/1107 results
60/1107 results
project earth icon HAY: Stackable crate 14.5cm x 40cm
project earth icon HAY: Stackable crate 40cm x 15.5cm
project earth icon YETI: Roadie 60 wheeled hard cooler
 Le Creuset Nectar collection

Le Creuset Nectar collection

Discover a new, sunny hue to collect, mix and match.

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