Self Portrait Women's

Feel empowered with the adventurous glamour of a Self Portrait dress or classic knit. This London-based brand has been turning heads since it was founded back in 2013. Head designer Han Chong's accessible designs put a contemporary spin on much-loved vintage styles.

Self Portrait relies on the flexibility of lightweight materials to create figure-flattering tiered shapes – think shimmery satin, breezy crepe and the retro charm of gingham. These fabrics are often blended together in the same piece and overlaid with lace detailing, resulting in the appealing mixed textures that have become part of the brand's signature aesthetic. Frilly pleating and puffed shoulders add to the silhouettes' dynamism, with beads and rhinestone embellishments regularly adding eye-catching finishing touches.

Match a v-neck Self Portrait mini dress with a luxury necklace for some dramatic evening elegance. Alternatively, try the prim throwback look of a Self Portrait top, such as a lacy blouse with a pointed collar and matching bow. With so much attention drawn to the elaborate craftsmanship of the brand's finely-sculpted pieces, Self Portrait's colour schemes and patterns can stay simple and timeless. Polka dots and floral prints are commonplace, as are bold brights, washed-out sorbet hues and stark monochrome themes.

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60/69 results