Filip Custic is a Spanish-Croatian Multidisciplinary Artist whose practice combines photography, performance, sculpture and video art. Filip’s work explores the impact of digital technology on our conscience and sense of identity, and his futuristic Instagram face filter recently gained 12 million downloads within its first week. 

Stay tuned for Filip's campaign for The New Order, launching in September. In the meantime, we talk to the Artist. 

How would you describe your creative process?

I decided to live in a constant creative mood so that I am open to ideas at any moment. Creativity is like a muscle. You have to exercise it. I have a list of all the ideas I want to do sometime in my life, and when a project comes, I decide which idea works the best and, then, I develop it more deeply.

How do you want your work to make people feel?

Immersed, conscious and mysterious.

How do digital mediums, rather than traditional art forms, allow us to describe contemporary experience?

Now that I’m learning 3D design, I have realised the freedom of creation that the virtual world has. With technology, we’re generating new questions for the human mind and, with that, comes evolution. Technology is the new object in our existence. We have already used all the objects from the past, so they do not answer new questions but help us to not have to start from the beginning.

What are the positives of the digital revolution? What are the dangers?

The pros include unlimited information, new questions, new answers, inspiration, connecting people from all over the world. The cons are more related to social and phycological issues. The digital world is still relatively new, so, in a few years, we’ll see the consequences.

How important are digital communities to you and your creative process?

I have to say, my life on Earth is very balanced with my virtual life. I don’t spend much time in the virtual world,  but when I’m there, I try to communicate well and have interesting conversations. It also inspires me. I see everyone as a mirror so I learn a lot from all my reflections.