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Alessi crafts its home accessories like an architect drafts a building. For the Italian design house, products are not merely practical – they're expressions of an impeccable balance; a bringing together of function, style and place. More than anything, though, they're intended to bring joy to those who use them. Everything you find in our selection – from grill pans to pitchers – is expressly created to help you discover the special side of everyday moments.

Sculptured stainless steel is a brand signature, and you'll see plenty of it here. There are Alessi kitchen utensils – shiny and utilitarian, yet sporting unusual minimalistic design touches. You'll see metal bowls, debossed with undulating patterns. We have vases too, which look like they've been fashioned from sheets themselves. That's not to say Alessi uses steel exclusively. Indeed, since the 1990s, materials such as ceramics, wood and plastics have been used to create Alessi ornaments to eye-catching effect.

It's an evolution, for sure, but not without its precedents. Alessi has long sought to celebrate the traditional production methods of Piedmont, Italy, where it was founded. Creating not-so-mundane home accessories using techniques in woodworking as well as metalworking. With Alessi now celebrating more than 100 years in business, we can safely add "distinctive, modernistic design" to that list.

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60/338 results
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