Boucleme Beauty

Your best hair days are yet to come with Bouclème styling products. Tired of the lack of options for curly tresses, founder Michele Scott-Lynch created a brand that aimed to defeat frizz while maintaining overall follicle health – call it curl care for the modern age. From cleansing creams to hydrating masks, each product is engineered to give clarity, shine and bounce with every use. What's not to love about that?

Start your haircare transformation with a Bouclème shampoo. No two users are the same, so whether you've got ringlets or a gentle wave, are in need of hydration or a root refresh, there are specific formulas to meet your needs. What's more, the entire collection uses fully biodegradable ingredients and is ethically produced in the UK – that's why you'll spot our yellow Project Earth banner popping up across the range.

Now, onto the next step. Bouclème conditioners are formulated to work with – not against – your hair's natural texture. Most conditioning treatments rely on synthetic sulphates and silicones to smooth flyaways, but Bouclème uses eco alternatives that offer finesse without weighing your locks down. Goodbye, limp strands – hello, shiny, revitalised curls. Follow up with a specialised gel that will bring coil-by-coil definition, creating a hairdo that's as full of life as you are.

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