Cornish Charcuterie is a luxury brand offering a vast variety of different flavoured pâté and rillette products. The company combines traditional Cornish flavours using local ingredients with modern culinary techniques to create unique dishes that are sure to excite any palate, on any occasion. Whether you’re keen to try its duck rillette or salmon pâté, our edit of has something to suit your taste.

Cornish Charcuterie has a rich history; it has been family-run for over 20 years and specialises in making delicacies that bring out the best in Cornish flavours. Every product is made with only the finest ingredients and with great care and attention throughout the entire manufacturing process. When you buy products from this brand you can rest assured that you are buying something truly special and of the highest quality, which means the brand has become synonymous with special occasions and events. In recent times, it has also expanded its product range with delicious marinated pulled pork and vegetarian items including a spicy bean crush.

Whether it's the luxury pâté, delicious rillette, or flavourful pulled pork, Cornish Charcuterie offers something for everyone! So try something new and exciting today and let us help you upgrade your next meal with a taste of Cornwall!

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