RumBe instantly transported to the balmy tropics with the sweet liquor of rum. Dating back to the 17th century, this drink is a centuries-old favourite, crafted from sugar cane or molasses. The sugar cane is then fermented and distilled and sometimes aged in oak barrels. Although it originates from Barbados, it's now mainly produced in the Caribbean, Philippines and South America.

Our selection of rum covers classic brands from all over the globe (think Brazil, Guyana, and the islands of Fiji). Tasting as exotic as they sound, our rums range in ABV as well as ages, from 7 to 18-year-old types. From notes of dark wood and botanicals to tropical fruit and coffee, you'll discover a diverse palate that’ll have you topping up your glass in no time.

Presented in colourful and beautifully designed bottles, our collection includes spiced rum that’s blended with vanilla, ginger and cinnamon. Our rich and aged dark rums are exquisitely distilled from molasses and work as both an after-work treat and nightcap. For a mouth-watering gift, our sets include a bottle of rum and sleek glass tumblers.

A component of every drinks cabinet, our rums will turn you into a connoisseur (that’s if you aren’t one already...).

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56/56 results