Wine Glasses

Impress your guests at your next gathering with our striking range of luxury wine glasses. Choose a long-stemmed, unadorned glass for a classic shape and style, or opt for lace designs or wedge-cut embellishments to add a hint of personality. Depart from the norm with a stemless option, or pick one accented with subtle colour. A table laid for outdoor drinks will look especially inviting accessorised with crystal-glass wine goblets – iridescent pearl glassware can add a touch of shimmer to a dinner party tablescape, too.

Find a favourite glass to pair with a quiet evening in, such as a tumbler for easy cradling. A pair of short-stem glasses can keep things feeling casual during the week. Bring out the best in your wine by choosing from a range of bowl shapes, from open, conical glasses that allow the wine to breathe, to deep bowls with narrow openings that capture the full aroma for you to enjoy.

A set of wine glasses makes for an excellent gift, too, no matter the occasion – or you can treat yourself to a set of your very own. Whether unembellished, textured, tall or short, our wine glasses are sure to be the toast of your next wine tasting session.

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60/117 results
60/117 results